• Let's build something incredible

    Enriched institutional capacity for analysis of rural economy of Pakistan

    Evidence based policy recommendations

  • Our Work with refugees

    Enhancement of researchers and stakeholders capacities, capabilities and acquisition of new skills

    Covering all aspects of Pakistan's Rural Economy

  • Donate and give clean water

    Encourage evidence-based policies

    Pivotal Rural Transformation for sustainable rural economical growth

  • Give water give life

    Reduce working distance between academia and policy makers

    Bridging the gap for better Pakistan

CEO Message

The 'Centre for Rural Economy' would fill the essential gap between knowledge and its application and catalyze organized policy related research to present a set of prioritized options for policy-makers for the rural sector. The CRE will look into the factors responsible for worsening terms of trade and what types of policies are required to reverse the trend; identify the commodities with specific characteristics and markets with specific demands where Pakistan should focus to increase its agricultural export; study the value chain of different commodities and suggest ways to improve the value chain to meet the needs of high-end national and international consumers as well small farmers and poor landless people by connecting them with high-end markets..